These are all the 1.0 APIs that have been deprecated since 23-Jan-2019. Please use the latest version of API 2.0.


Upset Predefined answer using this API method.

template_id :



Template Id must be starts with "T".

question_id :



Question Id of the template.

This API method is use for removing predefined answer for specific question of the template.
curl -H "MicroworkersApiKey:YOUR_API_KEY" -X PUT "" -d "template_id=T54f9518a418e2&question_id=Q54f9527d287b6"
from pprint import pprint
from MW_API import MW_API
mw_api = MW_API('YOUR_API_KEY')
res = mw_api.do_request('PUT','/template/unset_predefined_answer/format/json', {"template_id" : "T54f9518a418e2", "question_id" : "Q54f9527d287b6"}, {})
use MW_API;
use Data::Dumper qw(Dumper);
my $mw_api = MW_API->new('api_key' => 'YOUR_API_KEY');
my $res = $mw_api->do_request('PUT', '/template/unset_predefined_answer/format/json', {
  "template_id" => "T54f9518a418e2", "question_id" => "Q54f9527d287b6"
print Dumper($res);

include "includes/RESTClient.php";
define("cAPI_KEY", "YOUR_API_KEY");
define("cAPI_URL", "");
$client = new RESTClient();
$client->setUrl(cAPI_URL . "/template/unset_predefined_answer/format/json");
$client->setData(array("template_id" => "T54f9518a418e2", "question_id" => "Q54f9527d287b6"));
$response = $client->getLastResponse();
echo $response;
using System;
using MWAPI;
using System.Collections.Specialized;

public class Test{
  public static void Main (string[] args){
    MW_API MW_API_Client = new MW_API ("YOUR_API_KEY");
NameValueCollection postData = new NameValueCollection();
    postData.Add("template_id", "T54f9518a418e2");
     postData.Add("question_id", "Q54f9527d287b6");
    string body = MW_API_Client.putRequest("/template/unset_predefined_answer/format/json", postData);
    Console.WriteLine (body);


Result Format

  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "response": "Successfully saved."
  "status": "ERROR",
  "message": "Unauthorized Access, Please contact administrator."