These are all the 1.0 APIs that have been deprecated since 23-Jan-2019. Please use the latest version of API 2.0.


Get default template ids

is_front_page_template_only :



Is only front page template true/false

This API method is use for getting default created template ids.
curl -H "MicroworkersApiKey:YOUR_API_KEY" -X GET ""
from pprint import pprint
from MW_API import MW_API
mw_api = MW_API('YOUR_API_KEY')
res = mw_api.do_request('GET','/template/get_default_templates/format/json', {"is_front_page_template_only" : "true"}, {})
use MW_API;
use Data::Dumper qw(Dumper);
my $mw_api = MW_API->new('api_key' => 'YOUR_API_KEY');
my $res = $mw_api->do_request('GET', '/template/get_default_templates/format/json', {
  "is_front_page_template_only" => "true"
print Dumper($res);

include "includes/RESTClient.php";
define("cAPI_KEY", "YOUR_API_KEY");
define("cAPI_URL", "");
$client = new RESTClient();
$client->setUrl(cAPI_URL . "/template/get_default_templates/format/json");
$client->setData(array("is_front_page_template_only" => "true"));
$response = $client->getLastResponse();
echo $response;
using System;
using MWAPI;
using System.Collections.Specialized;

public class Test{
  public static void Main (string[] args){
    MW_API MW_API_Client = new MW_API ("YOUR_API_KEY");
NameValueCollection postData = new NameValueCollection();
    postData.Add("is_front_page_template_only", "true");
    string body = MW_API_Client.getRequest("/template/get_default_templates/format/json");
    Console.WriteLine (body);


Result Format

  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "response": [
      "template_id": "T57c74d4b372a0",
      "title": "Address Validation",
      "category": {
        "id": "57c74724d91fe4302b8b456a",
        "label": "Data Mining"
      "description": "Have addresses to verify whether it is correct or not? This is the perfect template for you! You may also use this for other verification campaigns such as website validation, validating email addresses, etc."
      "template_id": "T57ec68ceb8f17",
      "title": "Ads Monitoring Task",
      "category": {
        "id": "57c39a2fd91fe44f4c8b4568",
        "label": "Content Moderation"
      "description": "Gather feedback if the ads displayed on your website are acceptable or not. You can also use this template for any concerns regarding a site or a video."