TTV-(Phase 2) Prueba de Calificación [$30.00] (solo Hispanophones): Grabación de voz Fácil en su Teléfono para AI

You will earn: $0.20
Tasks takes less than 15 min to finish
Job ID: eb84acc20ab2
Max positions per worker: 1
Tasks will be rated within 7 days

Task Instruction
1. Mobile phone only (No iPAD, VIVO, OPPO, or Redmi)
2. Only native Spanish speakers ('Hispanophones') with native accent will be accepted

Note: Please record and upload just the first 20 sentences in this task.

Important: When you are a Worker assigned with more than 1 position in a "Hire Group" Campaign, you may perform the same task according to the number of times you are allowed to, but should submit different proofs for each. When duplicate proofs are submitted, only one will be credited.