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TTV-資格測試 - 廣東話轉述(改述)

Work done: 77/80
You will earn: $0.40000
Tasks takes less than 12 min to finish
Job ID: ecde9e3c1fc4
Employer: Member_388651
Workers in this Group: 5551
Max positions per worker: 1
Tasks will be rated within 30 days
Keep Microworkers clean

Task Instruction

       我哋公司而家需要收集大量嘅廣東話句子轉述(改述)。 為咗保證轉述(改述)嘅質量,我哋需要各位完成以下嘅廣東話轉述(改述)資格測試(1題,大約需要1-2分鐘)- 句子內容同商業銀行(賬戶)業務相關。

雖然資格測試係無酬的,但係俾選中咗之後嘅大量(轉述/改述)正式任務有提供豐厚薪酬! 感謝大家對我哋呢個項目嘅興趣同支持,祝大家生活愉快!




“我想係銀行開個新帳戶應該點做?” 轉述為
1. “點樣係銀行開個新帳戶?”
2. “點先可以開個新銀行帳戶?”
3. “我想開個新嘅bank account要點做?”

“我想幫我張信用卡加翻個額度。” 轉述為
1. “我想幫張信用卡set翻個limit。”
2. “同我講點add個limit到我張credit card到。”
3. “點樣幫我張信用卡設定一個額度。”

Important: When you are a Worker assigned with more than 1 position in a "Hire Group" Campaign, you may perform the same task according to the number of times you are allowed to, but should submit different proofs for each. When duplicate proofs are submitted, only one will be credited.