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TTV-Content Moderation (Quick): Review tagging of visually similar clothes for outfit image

Work done: 3365/3593
You will earn: $0.03000
Tasks takes less than 10 min to finish
Job ID: 4f2a53b7ae87
Employer: Portefini
Workers in this Group: 1925
Max positions per worker: unlimited
Tasks will be rated within 3 days
Keep Microworkers clean

Task Instruction
Please read the instructions carefully. We recommend doing several tasks consecutively as your speed will DRASTICALLY improve.
General instructions:
    • On the left,you will find an outfit image with numbers for each piece of clothes in the outfit.
    • On the right, you will find visually similar clothes for each of those numbered pieces of clothes in the outfit.
    • The task is to check if those clothes on the right are actually visually similar to the outfit clothes. If not, your job is to select them and flag them as wrong visual matches.
    • For some clothes in the outfit, you might need to select some similar matches (see detailed instructions below).

Detailed instructions:
    • Start with item #1, finish the work for it, then move to item #2, etc.
    • To open the clothes options for each number, you can either click on the number on the outfit image or open the appropriate tab on the right side.
    • By visuallySIMILAR clothes, we mean that they are not necessarily the same clothes. So you don’t need to be very strict on the similarity as long as it looks more or less similar. It is ok if the color is a bit lighter or a bit darker, or if the pattern is a little bit different, etc.

    • For some numbered clothes, you will notice that there are no visually similar clothes for them, and a “Look for more item matches”button will be available for you. Click this button and selectSEVERAL visually similar clothes for this item.
        • When you scroll down the options, you will see a “Load more” button at the end to load more clothes options
        • Try to find as many similar clothes as possible foreach number. You can stop when you start seeing very different clothes photos as you are loading more clothes photos.
        • If you really get to a point after loading clothes photos and you cannot find any visually similar clothes at all for a certain number,then click “I could not find any visual matches” next to the item number on the right.
    • Detailed checking will be performed on task results, so please try to be diligent in the work.
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Important: When you are a Worker assigned with more than 1 position in a "Hire Group" Campaign, you may perform the same task according to the number of times you are allowed to, but should submit different proofs for each. When duplicate proofs are submitted, only one will be credited.